About the landecker re|con project

The landecker re|con project studies and analyzes current online developments through systematic monitoring and modern research designs. In addition, it produces theory-driven analysis and evidence-based recommendations for civic society, media and politics.

People are particularly likely to spread conspiracy narratives in the context of social crises. These encourage a distorted perception of reality among parts of the population and can lead to an increasing tendency to use violence against alleged conspirators as well as show hostility toward science and democracy. Moreover, the spread of conspiracy narratives and disinformation promotes distrust of democratic institutions and processes. With their apocalyptic ideas, conspiracy ideologies repeatedly provide a basis for legitimizing acts of terrorist violence, as demonstrated by various right-wing terrorist attacks in recent years. Right-wing extremist online communities promote these narratives, glorify the perpetrators and encourage imitation.

The landecker re|con project pools years of interdisciplinary expertise on the topics of conspiracy ideologies, disinformation, anti-Semitism and right-wing extremism. It observes and analyzes current developments in the digital space through systematic monitoring of central digital platforms (such as Telegram, among others) and modern research designs. In addition, the landecker re|con project produces theory-based analyses and evidence-based recommendations for action for civil society, the media and politics.

By these means, there is a continuous exchange of expertise from different perspectives, expressed in the areas of monitoring, analysis and consulting. 


  • Continuous Real Time Monitoring
  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)


  • Routine monitoring reports on developments for key gatekeepers and politics, civil society, and media representatives 
  • Evidence-based and theory-based quantitative and qualitative analysis of general trends

Consulting & Strategy 

  • Evidence-based and theory-driven policy recommendations for societal gatekeepers and stakeholders 
  • Strategic consulting for policy makers, authorities and media
  • Individual support of targeted people via monitoring and documentation of digital harassment

The project aims to network with central representatives from politics, education, media and platforms. For further information, please contact recon@cemas.io

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