Release date: July 25, 2022
The global situation is more fragile than it has been for a long time. The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine has shifted the global security situation. More people live in authoritarian systems than in democracies - and even democracies such as the USA or Hungary and Poland - are increasingly showing authoritarian tendencies. Containing the climate crisis is becoming an increasingly urgent problem, but one that is increasingly being pushed into the background by the simultaneity of crises and catastrophes. The corona pandemic is also not yet over, but is disappearing from the social consciousness, while health professionals are voicing the alarm. At the same time, autumn and winter are approaching, when the supply situation is uncertain, and many citizens fear sitting in cold apartments and worry about their financial security.
In this social climate, politics and society face enormous challenges. The coming months offer a particularly high potential for escalation: corona numbers may rise again, measures will be required, the energy crisis will become more evident, and wealth will shrink. All of this offers strong mobilization potential for anti-democratic forces. In our policy brief "Fragile democracy? Flashpoints of tension and conflict in the present state of affairs" we analyze possible areas of mobilization and provide recommendations for action to deal with them.
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