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About Joe Düker

Joe Düker is a junior researcher at CeMAS with a focus on right-wing extremism in German-speaking online communities. Using OSINT research and systematic online monitoring, he observes and analyzes right-wing extremist phenomena on the Internet. This includes the recording of relevant trends, narratives and strategies of right-wing extremist actors. Previously, he worked for several years at the Amadeu Antonio Foundation’s online monitoring project de:hate.

Publications (Selection)

Dittrich, M., Düker, J. & Müller, M. (2023). Where’s the money at? Rechts­extreme Spenden­finanzierung über Telegram. CeMAS.

Düker, J. (2023, 16. März). Rechtsextreme Mobilisierung gegen Geflüchtete auf Telegram. CeMAS.

Thorleifsson, C. & Düker, J. (2021). Lone Actors in Digital Environments. Radicalisation Awareness Network / European Commission.

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