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About Lea Frühwirth

Lea Frühwirth is a senior researcher at CeMAS and a psychologist. She focuses on the impact of digital discourse on society and politics, especially on the modes of action and mechanisms of manipulative content. From 2018 to 2021, she worked at Reconquista Internet and Hassmelden, where her focus was on the impact of digital hate and the development of possible countermeasures. From 2021, she focused on outreach and political education work in the digital space. As a senior researcher at CeMAS, she focuses on disinformation, propaganda and conspiracy ideology.


On the Internet, real people talk about real issues, they take real thoughts that trigger real action. Digital problems are real problems.

Publications (Selection)

Pia Lamberty, Lea Frühwirth (2023). Pro-Russian Desinformation and Propaganda in Germany: Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Lea Richter (2022). Infokrieg in der Jackentasche: Soziale Medien als kulturelle Waffe der „Neuen Rechten“. PRISMA Expertise #5. (Veröffentlichung unter Pseudonym)

Lea Richter (2021). Bestandsaufnahme zu Maßnahmen gegen digitale Radikalisierung. In: Agitation von Rechts: QAnon als antisemitische Querfront. Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung e.V. (Veröffentlichung unter Pseudonym)

Presentations and Talks (Selected)

Digitale Manipulationsresilienz: So fallen wir nicht auf manipulative Kommunikation rein (DiVOC: Bridging Bubbles 2022, CCC) (Unter Pseudonym Lea Richter)

Hinter dem Shitstorm: Strategie und Ziele der neuen Rechten im Netz (DiVOC: Hidden Service 2020, CCC) (Unter Pseudonym Lea Richter)

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