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About Miro Dittrich

Miro Dittrich is a Senior Researcher at CeMAS and a researcher of right-wing extremism. He works at the interface of technology and society with a focus on misanthropic and anti-democratic phenomena in the digital space. Using qualitative, quantitative, and OSINT-guided research, he has worked for years to shed light on right-wing propaganda, networking, and radicalization in digital spaces. Since 2019, in the wake of increasing radicalization in the far-right scene, he has become increasingly focused on international right-wing terrorism and niche digital spaces. His other focus areas include content moderation and digital subcultures. He regularly advises social media companies in his role as an expert on right-wing extremism. From 2018 to 2020, he led the de:hate project on far-right, populist right, and conspiracy-ideological digital phenomena for the Amadeu Antonio Foundation.


„You can’t understand the far-right without understanding the internet. You can’t understand the internet without understanding the far-right.“

Publications (Selection)

Miro Dittrich, Joe Düker, Martin Müller (2023). Where’s the Money at? Rechtsextreme Spendenfinanzierung über Telegram

Miro Dittrich, Jan Rathje, Thilo Manemann, Frank Müller (2022). Militant Accelerationism - Origins and Developments in Germany

Miro Dittrich, Anne Grandjean, Lukas Jäger, Jan Rathje (2020). QAnon in Deutschland

Miro Dittrich, Lukas Jäger, Claire-Friederike Meyer, Simone Rafael (2020). Alternative Wirklichkeiten - Monitoring rechts-alternativer Medienstrategien

Johannes Baldauf, Miro Dittrich, Melanie Hermann, Britta Kollberg, Robert Lüdecke, Jan Rathje (2017). Toxische Narrative - Monitoring Rechts-alternativer Akteure

Presentations and Talks (Selected)

20.06.2022 Conspiracy theories - a challenge to democracies, a threat to societies, Brüssel, Paneldiskussion Unesco und European Jewish Congress

10.06.2022 Und raus bist du?! Desinformation, Propaganda und Verschwörungsglauben auf Social Media: Chancen und Grenzen von Deplatforming, Paneldiskussion Bildungsstätte Anne Frank

07.05.2020 Die Coronavirus-Pandemie als Agitationsfeld für Rechtsextremismus, re:publica 20, ASAP

13.09.2019 Far-Right as Global Community: Connected Through Memes Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, Cultural Formations of the “Alt-Right”

27.04.2018 Buzzwords and real Problems: Toxische Narrative, Salzburg, Universität Salzburg, Demokratie & (Des-)Informationsgesellschaft

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